About INtheMC

About INtheMC

Looking for teaching materials to use in your lessons, to prepare learners in professional trainings for their job?

Struggling with the fact that it is hard to find products that you can use to teach Internationalization and to prepare your students for a work placement abroad?

Searching for ways to convince your management that preparing learners to be a European citizen is important?

Please read the information on this website and take a look at our products, designed for teachers and trainers!

8 European partners collaborate in this project, funded under the European Lifelong learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation call 2010.
Transfer of the outcomes of a Finnish National research about internationalisation is the basis for this new Leonardo da Vinci project, entitled ‘INtheMC’. The final aim of INtheMC is to get more participation in both internationalisation programmes and student mobility in Europe. To reach this we will target all stakeholders: teachers, management, students and the field. We will provide several tools for each target group, that are ready-to-use and free to download!

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